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Moscow State Open University

International Conference on Theoretical Physics

20-24 of June 2011

Moscow, Russia

Scientific Program of the Conference

-Quantum Theory including Quantum Information

- General Relativity Theory, Cosmology and Astrophysics

-General Physics

- Condensed Matter

- High Energy Physics and Nuclear Theory

- Mathematical Physics.

Organized Committee

Kamalov T.F. (Chairman of Organized Committee) MSOU, Professor

Ivanaiskii A.V. Pro-Rector of Science of MSOU, Professor

Scherbak E.N. Pro-Rector of Education of MSOU, Professor

Slavnov D.A. Professor of Moscow State University, Physics Department

Rybakov Yu.P. Professor of Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Theoretical Physics Chairman

Bogdanov Yu.I. Professor of Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow

Ozhigov Yu.I. Professor of Lomonosov's Moscow State University

Kanatchikov Igor Docent of Institute of Physics and Physics Technologies in Moscow State Open University

Moscow, Prospect Mira, 180/3.
Metro Station VDNH, minibus 714K, the last stop


Registration Form and one-page abstracts send to E-mail:

Name _________________________________
Title(Mr., Ms., Dr., Prof.)______________________________
Mailing Address
Street _________________________________
Country_______________Postal code________
Fax: ___________________________________
Electronic Mail: __________________________

I plan to present a paper: Yes____ No____
Title of the talk: ___________________________

One page abstracts must be received by June 1st, 2011.



Arrival Date:__________________

Departure Date:_____________________

Deadline - 1 of June, 2011

The working time of the conference is distributed among three types of talks:

--- Review Talks (30 min) that will be held on the morning sessions of the conference,

--- Session Reports (20 min) in the afternoon,

--- Brief Reports (15 min) in the afternoon,

--- Special Sessions of short presentations (5-10 min) is also planned for the


Arrival to Moscow

We recommend to you the hotel Cosmos near MSOU

or University Campus. Participants and accompanying persons are expected to arrive to Moscow on the 18-th or 20-th of June, 2011. The opening session of the conference will be held on the 20th of June morning at the Main Building of the Moscow State Open University.

Accommodation rates, conference fees and social programme

The approximate daily rates per person including the cost of accommodation at the Moscow hotels (breakfast is included) are as follows:

  1. single room - 130 Euro,

  2. double room - 80 Euro.

The cost of accommodation at the university campus is 40 Euro per person (single room) per night. The price of one bed in two-bed room in University Campus is 25 Euro. These values will be finally fixed 2 week prior to the conference.

Registration fee for participants to 1 of June 2011.

It will be also possible to organize excursions for accompanying persons during the working days of the conference to different museums and places of interest in Moscow by special requests.

All payments should be made in Euros or US dollars (cash) to the Organizing Committee (unfortunately, credit cards, international travelers checks and international money orders cannot be used).

Chairman of Organized Committee

T.F. Kamalov, Professor of Physics Chair,

Applied Mathematics Department,

Moscow State Open University



129366 Moscow, Russia, Prospect Mira, 180/3

Tel. +7 495 682 66 02

Tel. +7 916 293 66 37 (mobile)

International Conference on Theoretical Physics 2011


20 of June 2011, Monday

10.30-11.00 Timur Kamalov, Moscow State Open University. Common Axiomatization of Classical and Quantum Mechanics

I.V. Volovich (Mathematical Institute RAS, Russia) Quantum Effects in Photosynthesis and Entropy Decreasing

N.V. Mitskievich (Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico). On Superstitions and Errors in Understanding the Relativity Theory

Martin Rivas (University of the Basque Country, Spain). The mechanism of tunnelling and formation of bound pairs of electrons

Yu.P. Rybakov (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia). Soliton Configurations in Generalized Mie Electrodynamics

Coffee Break

Alexander Burinskii, Moscow (NSI Russian Academy of Sciences). Are electrons point-like or extended?

Carlo Di Franco (University College Cork, Ireland). Mimicking the probability distribution of a two-dimensional Grover walk with a single-qubit coin


A. Deveikis (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania). Density Matrices of the Nuclear Shell Model

E.P. Velicheva, A.A. Suzko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia). “Darboux Transformations for Generalized Schr"odinger Equations”

L. S. Efremova (Nizhnii Novgorod State University, National Research University, Russia). The Smooth Skew Product in the Plane with Ramified Continuum as the Global Chaotic Attractor Containing Non-chaotic Invariant Subsets

E.M. Beniaminov (Moscow State Gumenitary University, Russia). Quantum Mechanics as Asymptotics of Classical Diffusion Processes for Waves in the Phase Space

Alexey L. Krugly (Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Science). The dynamics of binary alternatives for a discrete pregeometry

U.V.S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana (Andhra University, India). Integral charge quark super symmetry

Timur F. Kamalov (MSOU, Russia). Axiomatization of Mechanics

Round table

21 of June 2011, Tuesday

M. A. Aguero (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico) Non-classical soliton structures in dynamics A.D. Chernin (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Russia). Dark energy: Astronomical aspects

A.D. Chernin (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Russia). Dark energy: Astronomical aspects

Alexander Burinskii (NSI Russian Academy of Sciences). Kerr-Schild Way to Quantum Gravity

M.L. Fil’chenkov, Yu. Laptev (Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology,

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia). On Quantization in Gravity Theory

Coffee break

O. V. Babourova, B. N. Frolov (Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia). Dirac's scalar field as the metric tensor component and the cosmological constant problem

Igor Bulyzhenkov (Lebedev Physics Institute RAS, Russia). Ricci scalar describes both particle and field densities

Yu.S. Vladimirov (Moscow State University). Meta-physical paradigm in theoretical physics

A.S. Rabinowitch, S.Yu. Abakumov (Moscow State University of Instrument Construction and Information Sciences, Russia). A new model of the Earth atmosphere with strong electric fields described by means of the Yang-Mills theory

Coffee break

U.V.S. Seshavatharam (DIP QA Engineer, India). Physics of rotating and expanding black hole universe

A.S. Rabinowitch, M.A. Kramskoy (Moscow State University of Instrument,Construction and Information Sciences, Russia). Investigation of closed orbit of nucleons and antinucleons moving in nonlinear nuclear fields


U.V.S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana (Andhra University, India). Avogadro's Strong Nuclear Gravity, Super Symmetry and Grand Unification

Nikita Kondratiev (Moscow State University, Russia). Thermal noise and coating optimization in multilayer dielectric mirrors

Vladimir A. Zhukov (Institute for Nuclear Research, RAS, Russia). Neutrino Telescopes in ocean and in Antarctica

Coffee break

E. Benavente Ramirez (Republic of Peru), Yu. P. Rybakov (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia). Axially-Symmetric and Closed-String in the Skyrme Gauge Model

S. Sh. Soulayman (Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, Syria), J. Attiyah (Al-Baath University, Syria), A. Molhem (Al-Baath University, Syria), S. Yunusova (PFU, Russia). Pairwise Interaction Potential Parameters of Alkali Halide Crystals

I-Static Crystal Method

Round table

22 of June 2011, Wednesday

A.S. Holevo (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia). The entropy gain and the Choi-Jamiolkowski correspondence for infinite-dimensional quantum evolutions S. Chaturvedi (University of Hyderabad, India). Some aspects of completely entangled subspaces

S. Chaturvedi (University of Hyderabad, India). Some aspects of completely entangled subspaces

V.A. Andreev (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia). Supersymmetry in Quantum Optics

Yu. Ozhigov (Moscow State University, Russia). Quantum description of complex systems and physical constructivism

Coffee Break

D. Sokolovski (University of the Basque Country, Spain)”Superluminal” transmission via entanglement, superoscillations, and quasi-Dirac distributions

Igor Filikhin (North Carolina Central University, USA). Electron trapping in double concentric quantum rings

Itzhak Orion (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel). The Double-Slit Experiment and Particle-Wave Duality: Toward a Novel Quantum Interpretation

D.A. Slavnov ( Moscow State University, Russia). Causality and probability in quantum mechanics

Yu. I. Bogdanov, I.D. Bukeev (Institute of Physics and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences). Accuracy features for quantum tomography

Coffee break

V.A.Harutyunyan (State Engineering University of Armenia). Semiconductor quantum ring in strong lateral electrostatic field

S. Mayburov (Lebedev Institute of Physics, Russia). Information Transfer Constraints

in Quantum Measurements


A.I. Zenchuk (Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics RAS, Russia). Decay of multiple quantum coherences in a system of equivalent spins

V.V. Kassandrov, N.V. Markova (PFU of Russia) Self-coordinated system of equations for interacting electromagnetic and quadratic bispinor fields


Section of Applied Physics

23 of June 2011, Thursday

В.М. Сомсиков (Институт ионосферы, Алма-Ата, 050020, Казахстан). От механики материальной точки к механике систем

А.В. Коганов (Научно-исследовательский институт системных исследований

(НИИСИ РАН), Москва, Россия)., Уравнение диффузии с учетом свободного пробега

Г.М. Филлипов (Чебоксарский политехнический институтб филал МГОУ). Торможение заряженной частицы внутри диэлектрического цилиндра

В. С. Яковенко (Филиал МГОУ в г. Перевозе). Движение материльной точки в центрально-симметричном гравитационном поле.

Coffee break

Ajay Sharma (Fundamental Physics Society, India). Relativistic energy of neutron in nuclear fission: A critical analysis

Ю.Г. Рудой (Российский университет дружбы народов) Проблема обратимости и необратимости в подходе Н.Н. Боголюбова для осциллятора

S.I. Kuznetsov (Russia). On Temporal nature of Dark Energy

Ю.Г. Рудой (Российский университет дружбы народов), О.А. Котельникова

(Московский государственный университет им. М.В. Ломоносова, Физический факультет) Случайные блуждания и фрактальные вероятностные распределения

Coffee break

Anamitra Palit (India). Gravitation, Electromagnetism and Cosmology

Бикташев Э. И., Лавриненко М. М. (МГУПИ). Экспериментальные исследования эффекта Бифельда Брауна

А. Н. Максимов, В. А. Андреев, Ф. Т. Денисов (Чебоксарский политехнический институт (филиал) МГОУ). Методика изучения свойств ферромагнетика

С. В. Белов, (МГОУ), И. П. Шестопалов (Геофизический центр РАН), Ю. Д. Кузьмин (Камчатский филиал Геофизической службы РАН). О взаимосвязях сейсмичности и вулканизма с солнечной и геомагнитной активностью и о генерации нейтронов

Усиков Ю.Т. (МГОУ). Рациональная система контроля точности измерений физико-химических свойств анализируемых объектов

Емельянов А.А. (МГОУ). Отрицательное дифференциальное сопротивление в полупроводниковой системе n - типа: Zr |ZrO2 | электролит Na2SO4 (aq)

Ю.Г.Рудой, И.А. Вернигора (Российский университет дружбы народов) Приближенное расширение Лоренцевой симметрии до конформной для массивных частиц в пределе сверхвысоких энергий

Гнатюк-Данильчук (МГОУ). Некоторые физико-химические процессы, определяющие свойства самоорганизующейся иттрий-бариевой керамики, полученной из наноматрицы

Round table