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Participants 2-nd International Conference on Theoretical Physics 2012

Proceeding 2012 Part2

Proceeding 2012 Part1 in journal

2-nd International Conference on Theoretical Physics

July 2-6, 2012

Moscow, Russia

3-d International Conference on Theoretical Physics

June 24-28, 2013

Moscow, Russia

Scientific Program of the Conference

- Foundation of Quantum Mechanics

- Entanglements Nature

- Quantum Theory including Quantum Information (Quantum Computers, Quantum Cryptography, Teleportation of Quantum States)

- General Relativity Theory, Cosmology and Astrophysics

- General Physics

- Condensed Matter

- High Energy Physics

- Nuclear Physics

- Mathematical Physics.

Organized Committee

Kamalov T.F. (Chairman of Organized Committee) MSOU, Professor of Physics Department

Rybakov Yu.P. Professor of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Chairman of Theoretical Physics Department

Ivanaiskii A.V. Pro-Rector of Science of MSOU, Professor MSOU

Scherbak E.N. Pro-Rector of Education of MSOU, Professor of MSOU

Theoretical Physics Department

Sokolovski D.G., Professor of University of the Basque Country, Spain

Krechet V.G., Professor of Yaroslavsl State University

Rudoy Yu.G., Professor of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Frolov B.N., Professor of Russian State Pedagogical University

Khrennikov A., Professor University of Växjö, Sweden

Bijan Saha, Professor of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna

Beniaminov E.M., Professor Russian State Gumanitar University

Bogdanov Yu.I., Professor of Institute Physics and Technology Russian Academy of Science

Vladimirov Yu.S. Professor of Moscow State University, Physics Department

Plenary Presentations

Yu. Rybakov (confirmed)

V. Belavkin (confirmed)

D. Sokolovski (confirmed)

Jens Siewert (confirmed)

Timur Kamalov (confirmed)

Moscow, Pavla Korchagina street, 22, Moscow State Open University, main
building, room 313,331,332 or 333.
Metro Station VDNKH, minibus 714K, the last stop

It is possible two variants from the any Airport to any Moscow Station Metro (underground tube): 1. On the minibus. 2. On the bus-express. 3. On the train. The price is 5 dollars on minibus and 10-15 dollars on the train or bus-express. The ticket to Moscow Metro is 1 dollar from any station to any. Your station is VDNKh. Th address of the University is Pavla Korchagina street (ulitsa), 22. The address of the University New Campus is Pavla Korchagina street (ulitsa), 22. The New Campus is on the territory of the University!!!


Registration Form and one-two page abstracts send to E-mail:

Name _________________________________
Title (Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms)______________________________
Mailing Address
Street _________________________________
Country_______________Postal code________
Fax: ___________________________________
Electronic Mail: __________________________

I plan to present a paper: Yes____ No____
Title of the talk: ___________________________
Section: _______________________________________

One page abstracts must be received by June 1th, 2012.



Arrival Date:__________________

Departure Date:_____________________

Deadline 2 of June, 2012

The working time of the conference is distributed among three types of talks:

--- Review Talks (30 min) that will be held on the morning sessions of the conference,

--- Session Reports (20 min) in the afternoon,

--- Brief Reports (15 min) in the afternoon,

--- Special Sessions of short presentations (5-10 min) is also planned for the


--- Poster 6-10 pages

Arrival to Moscow

You can booking the reservation of your accommodation in any Moscow's hotels for example

Important! The confirmation of the reservation the hotel in Moscow you are need for Touristic Visa to Russia if you have a problem with your visa.

You can choise Cosmos Hotel, Baykal Hotel or Zolotoy Kolos

or University Campus. Participants and accompanying persons are expected to arrive to Moscow on the 1 or 2 of July, 2012. The opening session of the conference will be held on the 2 of Jule morning at the Main Building of the Moscow State Open University.

Accommodation rates, conference fees and social program

The approximate daily rates per person including the cost of accommodation at the Moscow hotels (breakfast is included) are as follows:

  1. single room 130 Euro,

  2. double room 80 Euro.

The cost of accommodation at the University Campus (University Guest House) is 12.5 Euro in double room and 25 Euro in single room per person per night. We recommend to you the University Campus accommodation (University Guest House). We can guarantee the accommodation in University Campus (University Guest House) to all participants.

Attention! In all Moscow hotels check-in/ check-out time is 12:00

Registration is finish

It will be also possible to organize excursions for accompanying persons during the working days of the conference to different museums and places of interest in Moscow by special requests.

All payments should be made in Euros or US dollars (cash) to the Organizing Committee (unfortunately, credit cards, international travel checks and international money orders cannot be used).

Chairman of Local Organized Committee

Timur Kamalov, Professor of Physics Chair,

Applied Mathematics Department,

Moscow State Open University

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